Welcome to the online system for the City of Oviedo Local Business Tax Receipt. You can search business tax information, renew your business tax, and pay for your renewal here.

Local Business Tax Receipts will expire September 30th and is available for renewal on or after July 1st. A 10% late fee will be added on or after October 1st, and an additional 5% each month after to a maximum of 25%. An additional $250 penalty may be added on or after February 1st.

If you would like to renew your business tax receipt online, you will need your renewal notice to enter required information. Click on "Renew Business Tax Receipt" to the left of this screen and enter your receipt number starting with the year first. An assigned pin is located beside each receipt number on the renewal notice. Please note that most renewal notice has two or more classifications. Each Receipt number and their assigned pin should be entered separately. State regulated business or person must email a copy of updated state license to businesslicenses@cityofoviedo.net.

If you have moved outside the city limits, transferred name/location, or closed your business; please call or email at businesslicenses@cityofoviedo.net